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Tikker for Pataree escort wrote:
Yes, I will def do this. see the review
Pianino for Pornjarin escort wrote:
This is great advice! I’ll ask him for clarification and share my thoughts too. see the review
Escalated for Yirgalme escort wrote:
I will talk with him more about it when I see him. see the review
Subclass for Zulpiya escort wrote:
If you are dating other guys, absolutely are shopping them... see the review
Tendon for Mona Lina escort wrote:
You’re so right! I prefer dating one guy at a time but I guess because I’m older, and seen how some men can be players. I rather protect myself and not go all the way in until it’s serious. Even my male cousin said I should date multiple men. see the review
Wetsuit for Jaceia escort wrote:
But I will clarify with him my stance. see the review
Groceries for Itzel Debanhi escort wrote:
And no, don't ask him if he's seeing others. Given his desire to date one woman at a time, it's highly unlikely that he is. see the review
Mikaela for Linusdotter escort wrote:
It seems to me that you see being exclusive as some type of commitment or promise. Where you're at a higher risk of getting hurt than if you were seeing multiple people. see the review
Wut for Ruke escort wrote:
But it's not like that. Being exclusive simply allows you get get to know another person without distractions. I think you're placing more significance in this than it warrants. see the review
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