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Barcoo for Mary Cynthia escort wrote:
So, what are you suggesting I do? see the review
Aggie for Abdugader escort wrote:
Over the phone, I said I liked him and insinuated I would be willing to be exclusive but it didn’t sound like he believed me completely. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m very attractive and a little younger, he feels I’m gonna explore options? I mean I don’t know what else the reason could be. see the review
Negrophil for Jiarui escort wrote:
We are going to see each other later in the week, so hopefully we get more clarification. see the review
Blackish for Suvanan escort wrote:
Many guys who themselves are out playing the field want the woman to be exclusive only to them. see the review
Abacas for Noonie escort wrote:
The fact he mentioned exclusivity again makes me thinks he must be serious and not trying to get in my pants, so I think I'm gonna drop the other dude then, and give this a shot. see the review
Weepy for Pullo escort wrote:
Maybe because you didn't say "OK let's be exclusive". You said you might be willing to be exclusive at some point in the future when the stars align etc etc... very wishy washy, sounded like you were making excuses. He didn't believe you because you didn't even say it straight. see the review
Christof for Paricia escort wrote:
I see accepting exclusivity without commitment as hustling backwards if you're a woman. What do you see yourself as standing to gain from such an arrangement, OP? see the review
Filibert for Elsana escort wrote:
Well, see, he said before he wants me to be his girl which I assume to mean girlfriend. So, I am not sure if he means girlfriend or just dating each other. Well, my ex and I were exclusive and it worked out for nearly 4 years. So, I guess I would hope it naturally progresses into an actual relationship, providing we still like each other and are on the same page. see the review
Flyflap for Durgadevi escort wrote:
It is not an uncommon situation. see the review
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