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Abas for Sereima Aian escort wrote:
I'm a bigger girl, and guys are quite okay with it. I've met some nice men, and weight hasn't been a major issue. Nothing has stuck yet, but these guys are totally cool with it and even prefer it. These are the guys that don't like bone-thin women because they almost feel like these women will break like fragile glassware. There are creepers, and sometimes I think men will go after the chubbies, as they think the chubbies are more desperate, so they can get some easy out for those. see the review
Chemult for Haweyo escort wrote:
So, I texted him if he wanted to have the exclusive talk now or when he comes back in town? see the review
Aaarrgh for Jiarui escort wrote:
Enough is enough, no? see the review
Stylish for Bennur escort wrote:
You do not need to put up with that. see the review
Peeling for Niculina escort wrote:
I mean. it's entirely possible he is just insecure and wants constant affirmation that you aren't shopping him...I can't really say just based on what you have posted... see the review
Alick for Fairfax escort wrote:
Like some others have posted-and I agree......."Having the talk" isn't something a lot of people do(maybe its more something younger kids do??)....It's usually pretty well understood once you start dating someone that you don't continue to date others "just in case"... see the review
Maciver for Valzona escort wrote:
And if you really like him. what would be the difference if it's now or when he comes back???....By saying it the way you did, maybe he's thinking if he said "when I gets back" that would give you a clear conscious to do whatever you want til then....In other words, its awkward as me, anyway... see the review
Kendall for Cheng Lan escort wrote:
Not sure where you go from here....sorry... see the review
Camaras for Atusa Ayla escort wrote:
I like him though... see the review
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