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Manuels for Qomri escort wrote:
It is a double standard and hypocritical but it is what it is... see the review
Feddeman for Gunnemi escort wrote:
You're right. But he mentioned me being his girl. see the review
Zecchini for Alliah escort wrote:
That's an interesting conclusion to come to. Exclusivity just means not seeing other people...It says nothing about his desire to get in your pants. But I must say every time a guy asked to be bf/gf after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd date I always assumed he was trying to get in my pants. He thought I'd be more likely to go to bed with a complete stranger if that complete stranger was my 'boyfriend'. see the review
Hang for Rashitovna escort wrote:
Yeah, that's true. I mean I don't mind if he wants sex. When you are attracted to someone, why wouldn't you want them...I want sex too,lol!But I want sex in a serious relationship. see the review
Basheer for Aronovna escort wrote:
No....that would take some time.... see the review
Aversant for Merwede escort wrote:
Great.....take all the time needed to decide... see the review
Bluemax for Norel escort wrote:
[/QUOTE] see the review
Zirconic for Abdirabo escort wrote:
Don't expect to jerk people around and expect them to wait around for you....Most guys worth a shyt would never play that game,, see the review
Sailplane for Neubert escort wrote:
Well, before I can give a definite answer. I want to know what exclusive means to him. Because on prior date he stated he wants me to be his girl. That to me means girlfriend. So, is it he wants me to be his girlfriend or he wants me or us to just date each other. Once i get clarification, I can answer. see the review
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